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ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer

ASP.NET is a Web platform that provides all the services that you require to build enterprise-class server-based Web applications. ASP.NET is built on the .NET Framework, so all .NET Framework features are available to ASP.NET applications. Your applications can be written in any language that is compatible with the common language runtime (CLR), including Visual Basic and C#. To create ASP.NET Web applications, you can use Visual Studio. The tools and options in Visual Studio that are designed for creating Web applications are referred to collectively as Visual Web Developer. In addition, a free standalone product—Visual Web Developer Express—is available that includes the core set of Web-design features from Visual Studio.

Programming ASP.NET Web Pages

You can create the server code for your ASP.NET Web pages using Visual C# or Visual Basic or other languages that are supported in the .NET Framework. ASP.NET Web pages can contain client script that runs within the browser. Some ASP.NET functions generate client script and inject it into the page. In that case, ASP.NET always generates ECMAScript (JavaScript) for best cross-browser functionality. In addition, you can add your own client script for custom functionality. If you do, you can use any client script language that is compatible with the browsers you are targeting.